Our morning sessions begin at 8:45am and end at 11:45am. Our afternoon sessions begin at 12:15 pm and end at 15:15pm


We have recently introduced a learning lunch club which enables your child to bring in a packed lunch to be consumed within the setting. This has proved very popular as it gives the flexibility for all day sessions running from 8:45am until 15:15pm.


We try to be flexible with the sessions you require, so you can choose morning, all day sessions, afternoon sessions or a combination of all three.


We ask parents to provide a healthy snack for their child for the sessions they attend





Fees will be £5.00 per hour (£15.00) per 3 hour session) for 3-4 year olds (following the term after they turn three in line with the government funding and £5.50 per hour (£16.50) per 3 hour session) for 2 year olds as of September 2019. Lunch club is available at a price of £2.50 (this is only available for children attending all day sessions) Payment is due at the beginning of every half term.


Grab a session

We offer a ‘grab  a session’ which you can book at short notice. These are subject to availability.

My day at Tiny Tows

I arrive at Tiny Tows at 8:45 am where I find my picture card to place on the board to show I am here. I choose a peg to hang my things on. I now go off to play.


At around 10.00 am my stomach is rumbling after all of the hard work of the mornings play so I have my snack that I bought in to Tiny Tows and a lovely drink of water or milk.


Everyday my big friends (practitioners) don’t want to miss out of the fun, so they always have fun activities for me and my friends to join in. I learn so much from these and they learn lots about me.



It is now the time we have to tidy up. Even if I am really tired I try my hardest to be helpful.


“ We’re putting our toys away, we hope it won’t take all day, to have more fun, we’ll get it done, we’re putting our toys away”



This is the chance to have more fun with my friends, we sometimes sing, dance or may have a story. We do lots of activities with letters and sounds.



 I sit down with my friends and a helper helps me to eat my delicious lunch that I have bought in from home. If I finish eating my lunch before my friends I can do some drawing or read a book.



(follows a similar structure/routine as the morning session) The afternoon session is as fun as the morning because we have new activities to try and keep us busy, and some new friends come in to play. I get the time to play with all the things I did not get to in the morning and my big friend (practitioner) lets me choose my favourites.



I am excited to share all the things I have done today when I am picked up