Our morning sessions begin at 8.45am and end at 11.45am. Our afternoon sessions begin at 12:15 pm and end at 15:15pm. The children will be given a base room, either the Butterfly room or the Caterpillar room. This is the room the children will come into on the morning sessions. All children will enter the Butterfly room for the afternoon sessions. 


We have recently introduced a learning lunch club which enables your child to bring in a packed lunch to be consumed within the setting. This has proved very popular as it gives the flexibility for all day sessions running from 8:45am until 15:15pm.


We try to be flexible with the sessions you require, so you can choose morning, all day sessions, afternoon sessions or a combination of all three.


We ask parents to provide a healthy snack for their child for the sessions they attend. This will need to be supplied in s clear named label pot. A snack for each session, if a child is doing all day sessions they will require an am snack, lunch and a pm snack. 





Fees will be £5.00 per hour (£15.00) per 3 hour session) for 3-4 year olds (following the term after they turn three in line with the government funding and £5.50 per hour (£16.50) per 3 hour session) for 2 year olds as of September 2019. Lunch club is available at a price of £2.50 (this is only available for children attending all day sessions) Payment is due at the beginning of every half term.


Grab a session

We offer a ‘grab  a session’ which you can book at short notice. These are subject to availability.

Recently we have had our kitchen area updated so as of Sept 2021, we will be doing a cooking activity once a week, this day will change weekly so all children will get the chance to take part.